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Sofirn,a young LED flashlight brand.Our goal is to create high quality and budget cheap price flashlights for flashlight players and Flashholics,we use good quality accessories, materials and techniques in production,and give the real date values after testing. Over the course of a year, many friends from all over the world have come to know us and are constantly recommending Sofirn.We are growing and will keep on making good new flashlights in the future.
Sofirn, its name comes from a beautiful lady. The founder of the brand loves flashlights, but High-quality flashlight also means high cost, in 20 years of their marriage, Ms.Sofirn has always supported his hobby and give a positive evaluation. until one day he was going to make an own flashlight brand, he feel distressed how to named it, He sat in his office and thought about what kind of name could better represent bright,beautiful and warm, at that moment Sofirn came with a cup of hot tea for him as usual,which is the warm feeling he has always been familiar with, the bright and beautiful Just beside him. Lover ,is the great conversation piece or sunshine alternative during those dark winter months. He looked up and smiled: "Sofirn, you, you are brighter than the light!"